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Debut Carbon

Debut Carbon - an excellent award winning record player at an affordale price!


Roksan Radius


Audio Projects can date its involvement in LP12 set-up from 1974!

Linn Majik LP12

TurntablesThe Majik LP12 turntable is for vinyl lovers of all ages, everywhere. For the first time, you can own a piece of Linn heritage in a simple turntable package with everything you need to enjoy Linn-quality vinyl reproduction.

Recently upgraded with a new subchassis, the Majik LP12 package comprises:

  • Sondek LP12 turntable
  • Internal Majik LP12 power supply
  • Solid base board
  • Adikt MM cartridge
  • Pro-Ject 9cc tonearm
  • Lid

Even after 35 years, LP12 is the turntable by which all others are judged, extracting more information from vinyl than any other turntable.

Majik LP12 audio performance can be further improved over time by upgrading the turntable with any one of Linn’s range of turntable accessories, such as a Lingo external power supply, better sub-chassis and armboard, Akito tonearm, Klyde cartridge, and Trampolin base board.

Majik LP12 perfectly complements other components in the Linn Majik range, combining premium audio performance with unbeatable value. The Majik-I integrated amplifier and Mjik DSM all feature an internal phono stage. Combine with Majik amplification and Majik 140 loudspeakers for a playback solution which delivers exceptional audio performance.


Linn LP12 Turntables


As well as the Majik LP12 on demonstration, we also have other LP12s available for audition:


  • LP12 with Kore subchassis, Lingo III power supply, Akito arm and Adikt cartrige
  • LP12 with Radikal power supply, EKOS SE arm, Akiva cartridge and Urikaphono stage.
  • The new Euphorik phono stage is also available for demonstration.


Linn LP12 Upgrades

As well as servicing the LP12, we can also fit any of the turntable upgrades that have appeared over the years. These include the Cirkus kit that replaces the old main bearing and inner platter with the production current standard. As well as the machined-from-solid aluminium KEEL subchassis, we are now fitting the new KORE subchassis. Please see our news page for more details.

CD Players

Creek Evolution 50CD

Creek Evolution 50CDCreek are now ramping up production of their new EVOLUTION 50CD CD Player. 
In keeping with earlier Creek products, the EVOLUTION 50CD uses an over-specified toroidal mains transformer, with separate windings for analogue and digital circuitry and low magnetic field for excellent noise rejection. Multiple low-impedance power supply capacitors and voltage regulators are used to optimise the performance. Organic polymer capacitors are used in key analogue and digital circuitry, plus high grade WIMA polypropylene capacitors are used in the output filters.

This is the first Creek digital product to feature two top-of-the-range Wolfson 24 Bit 192 kHz DAC ICs, running in double differential mode, to extract the maximum possible performance. The EVOLUTION 50CD uses custom, low jitter, clocks for top performance at all sample rates.

A plethora of inputs and outputs make the EVOLUTION 50CD one of the most well equipped and seriously high-end DAC products on the market, despite its competitive price.

Roksan K2

Roksan K2 CDThe Roksan Kandy K2 CD Player is an ideal source component that gives a gutsy and impressive performance with excellent rhythmic control. The sheer weight of the dynamics provides plenty of attack, whilst the excellent ability to extract detail from the disc ensures each individual performer is easily distinguished. Vocal refinement combined with a realistic soundstage, uniquely create that centre-seat experience.


Creek AmBit Tuner Module

Creek Evolution 50A

The latest tuner in Creek’s EVOLUTION 50 range is the AMBIT FM/AM Tuner module, suitable  for adding to the EVOLUTION 50A .  Plugging this tuner into the back panel of the amplifier upgrades the amp into a Receiver. Its Plug and Play nature also allows it to update the amp’s software to the latest revision automatically.  Once the tuner is installed and the amp is switched-on, the display will show the amp having an extra input – A Tuner input, in fact. However, it will look to the user like a stand-alone tuner in the OLED display window.

Once installed, the four left hand buttons on the front panel, together with the left hand control knob and or remote control handset, will offer all the radio function controls.

The AMBIT tuner receives the entire FM and AM frequency band and digitises it with two high quality ADCs.  It then manages the signal using a Digital Signal processor and even separates the left and right channel information in FM.  After this, using its own high quality DAC, it returns the digital signal to Audio, to be amplified by the EVOLUTION 50A.

The result is simply brilliant.  FM signals have textbook operation, with none of the usual problems associated with analogue tuner performance.  RDS stations will show their name and other information.  AM performance is excellent also and can provide excellent performance just from the loop antenna provided, if there is a good indoor signal.

FM radio performance is limited only by the quality of the signal and of course the antenna used. Choose an external antenna for the best results.

Listen to your favourite stations like you have never heard them before.





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