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Digital Stream Players or Network Music Players

Discover more music than ever before from your CDs and digital downloads.

Digital Stream Players

We have several players available instore for demonstration including:

LINN: Sneaky, Majik, Akurate and Klimax.


Entotem (Convert): Plato Class A




Network Music Player FAQ

What is a Network Music Player?

It is a new type of product, a source component, like an upgraded CD player, which can be connected to your existing hifi system, or could be a "one box" system that just requires a pair of loudspeakers to form a system. It is capable of playing back music stored digitally either within itself, or on a separate drive or Network Attached Storage (NAS) or your PC.


Why should I be interested in purchasing such a player?

Sound quality and convenience! It is simply a better way of playing back music from your CD collection (or music downloaded from the internet). In an A/B comparison, it is very easy to hear that to copy your music CD and play it back produces a much more musical and involving experience than playing it on your CD player! And once you have copied your CD collection, you can store it away, saving space and clutter! It can playback music you may have collected for your portable music player and it can also "tune in" to thousands of radio stations via the internet. In addition, streaming services such as Tidal or Quobuz can provide music at minimum CD quality for a monthly subscription.


Isn’t it just a sort of iPod – compressed poor quality?

No – emphatically not! You can play back material at iPod quality and it will actually sound better, but when copying your own library there are other formats to choose from. The one we use is known as FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec – with the accent on the “Lossless”. This stores them as 16bit copies which are identical to the original CD and they invariably sound better! It may sound odd that the copy can be better than the original, but when the copying takes place, the device doing the copying can look at the information on the disc several times, especially if it finds imperfections, till it produces a “bit perfect” copy. It is this perfect copy that is stored for playback. Your CD player really has only one chance to extract the information from the disc and reproduce it!

The system will also go further than CD quality, supporting Studio Master Quality 24bit recordings that can be obtained by downloading from specialist websites – for one!


OK, so is the music actually stored in the Player?

No, it is best stored on a separate hard drive. As this is normally always powered up and connected to your network, music is instantly available. Depending on the capacity of the drive, it can accommodate literally hundreds  (or thousands) of albums. This gives the opportunity to select a device with different capacities and functions to suit your requirements.


How would I copy a CD?

There are hard drives in the market place which incorporate a copying (ripping) mechanism, or you can use a pc or laptop. Either way the system needs to be connected to the internet to collect artist and album information for each disc.


So how is the Network player connected ?

Via a computer network. Living in the age of the computer, many households are already equipped, but don’t worry if you have qualms setting things up, we can help!


And how do I select playback of my music?

A number of ways: using your laptop or pc; Android device or an Apple iTouch, iPhone or iPad.  You can browse your music library to select music to play and you have the normal "CD" controls of play, stop, pause and skip. A number of these brands can also be incorporated into a Control4 system to enable integration with all your other home entertainment and comfort systems!